Area Nurseries Share Their Knowledge

Wards Nursery and Garden Center. 600 South Main Street; Great Barrington, MA. 413 528 0166.

Hosting designers continuously until Mid-September.

  • Craig Okerstrom-Lang Design. May 30-June 9.
  • Pat Parkins Gardens of the Goddess. June 13-June 24.
  • Eloise Richman Passion Flower Landscape Design. June 27-July 8.

Helpful information from Wards

  • Time to fertilize. All your gardens could use a light dose of 10-10-10 Epsoma Garden Food as they begin to grow. This is a fast feed that last only 4 weeks. After that, fertilize with a slow release season long fertilizer.
  • Watch for frost warnings. Cover tender annuals and vegetables with spun polyester like material. A light frost will not kill your perennials or spring bulbs. Zone 5 frost free date is May 22.
  • Prevent crabgrass organically with gluten weed preventer.
  • Apply dormant oil spray to prevent fungus spores and insect pests on any susceptible woody plants before leaf buds open. Choose a day when 24 hours of dry weather above 40 degrees is forecasted and calm for spraying.
  • Bird feeders should be brought inside at night to avoid black bear visits. Encourage birds into your yard with birdhouses and hummingbird feeders.

Phantom Gardener. 6837 Route 9, Rhinebeck NY. 876 8606.

Workshops and events throughout the year.


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