Current Officers/Past Presidents

Pine Plains Garden Club 2022 Officers

President – Kathy Bartles

First Vice President – Vikki Soracco

Second Vice President – Vicky LoBrutto

Recording Secretary – Rae Hart

Corresponding Secretary – Gail Kelly

Treasurer – Penelope Wheeler

Committee Chairpersons 2022

Annual Plant Sale Committee

Art Jones

Vicky LoBrutto

Nancy Sullivan

Civic Planting

Penny Wheeler

Nancy Sullivan

Vikki Soracco

Evergreen Cemetery/Wilcox Project

Kathy Bartles

Flower Show

Vicky LoBrutto


Nancy Sullivan


-Cards Gail Kelly

-Christmas All Members


Gail Kelly

Past Presidents

1930-31 Mrs. Lester C. Aroh

1932-33 Mrs. Ralph Knickerbocker

1934-35 Mrs. Ruth Moore

1936-41 Mrs. Cora Pulver

1942-43 Mrs. Robert Palmatier

1944-45 Mrs. Anthony Matragrano

1946 Mrs. Thomas LaBrun and Mrs. Theodore Coy

1947 Mrs. Theodore Coy

1948 Mrs. William Bonisteel

1949 Mrs. B. Edmond David

1950 Mrs. Thomas LaBrun

1951-52 Mrs. Oakleigh Jauncey

1953 Mrs. Albert Friedman

1954 Miss Marjorie K. Barton

1955 Mrs. Dale Fletcher

1956-57 Mrs. Allard Hawks

1958-59 Mrs. Max Kappel

1960-61 Mrs. George Hatch

1962 Mrs. Charles Adams

1963 Mrs. Vincent Wright and Mrs. Clyde Chase

1964-65 Mrs. Clyde Chase

1966-68 Mrs. Walter Herman

1969-70 Mrs. Carl Schroeder

1971-72 Mrs. Richard Hetherington

1973 -75 Mrs. Raymond Helm

1976-77 Mrs. John Soracco

1978-79 Herbert Barnett

1980-81 Mrs. Grace Dietrich

1982 Mrs. Clyde Chase

1983-85 Mrs. Raymond Helm

1986-88 Mrs. W. Stephen Harris

1989-91 Mrs. Clyde Chase

1992-95 Mrs. Anne Stroly

1996 Mrs. Janet Adams

1997-98 Mrs. Jay Wilmarth

1999 Mrs. Anne Stroly

2000-2 Mrs. John Ryan

2003 Mrs. Anne Stroly

2004 Mrs. Clyde Chase

2005-06 Mrs. Janet Adams

2007-10 Mrs. Joan Syler

2010-14 Nancy Sullivan

2015-21      Vicky LoBrutto

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